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El Embargo

About us

Picture this: you’re lounging on the white sand beaches of the Cuban shore, a cold cocktail resting in your hand. When your stomach begins to rumble, you smell the rich aromas of fried tamales and savory meats floating from a vendor behind you.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? What if we told you that you could find these flavors right in your own backyard? At El Embargo in Chattanooga, TN, we are focused on crafting authentic and mouthwatering Cuban cuisine for those looking to take their taste buds south of the Florida Keys.

Authentic Dishes from the Island

When you dine at our Cuban restaurant, you are getting the most authentic experience possible off of the island. Our goal is to use fresh ingredients and native flavors to craft dishes that reflect the passion and history of the Cuban nation. If you bite into one of our burritos or empanadas, you are tasting generations-old recipes that our grandmothers would have cooked up in their own kitchens back in Cuba. Our Cuban cuisine is above reproach and a true pleasure for all of your senses.

Focused on Cuban Culture

El Embargo is named after the legislation that cut off Cuba and the United States from one another back in 1962. We chose this name to honor the history of Cuba and to show how far we have moved since then. Our flavors and culture are on full display for those looking to see how those on the island live, dine, and relax. From our delectable Cuban cuisine to the carefully crafted cocktails at our rum bar, you can experience the day in the life of a Cuban citizen. Top this off with a cup of Cuban coffee and a cigar from our lounge and you can have an evening that truly feels transcendent.

Decades of Superior Customer Service

Formally known as Embargo 62', our restaurant has been serving savory and sweet Cuban cuisine to those in the Chattanooga, TN, area since 2015. During that time, we established ourselves as one of the most fun and innovative eateries in the area. Diners have come to associate our name with high-quality entertainment, superior cuisine, and drinks that can't be beaten. When you make the decision to dine with us, you can count on having an experience that you won't soon forget.